Analog project Silent Wisdom is about cats. 
Silent Wisdom
If cats could talk, they wouldn’t.
So they speak in silence.
I have always known (since I was a child) that cats are smart. Now, after years of photographing them, I’m sure of it – they are smart and intelligent. They have adapted humans in their world and not the opposite but each cat still has its own pristine character, and somewhere deep they have the will to wander.
Cats are, particularly these freelancers in the “room with no borders”, quite a challenge to get on the film. If you move close to them, they often intend to run away. So one have to read their body language and sense their curiosity.
When I see cats while traveling, I wonder if they know I’m not local, I speak probably very strange language and maybe that’s what make them stay for a moment or two – they want to know how far will I go and how much they can take.
This set of cats are from different countries and places – Estonia, London, Portugal, Italy, Croatia. When I started thinking about framing, I found myself visualizing old frames, recycled frames. That’s why each photo is in a different frame.
All the photos are taken with black and white film and hand made in a darkroom.
I have graduated Estonian Philology but now I’m more of a photographer. Most of my work is black and white, using black and white film and old cameras.
My first personal exhibition was 2012.
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